Puerto Rico – Adventure

Puerto Rico is such a beautiful place that you could just lay on the beach for your entire vacation and be content. However, I do enjoy adventure as well and so do all of the friends I spent my spring break with. Here are some of our adventures 

For starters, we went kayaking in the bioluminescent bay at “Bio Bay” at Las Cabezas de San Juan, Fajardo. This was an unforgettable experience, partly because we were literally kayaking in the dark, but mostly because we were amusing ourselves the entire time. The only light we had came from the boat of Mr. “Peter Plankton” our fearless leader. So we ran into a few things, including random wilderness (probably just tree branches filled with spiders) but mostly just every boat in front of us. Anyway, as we blindly kayaked towards the bay, we eventually made it and held onto strangers kayaks while Peter Plankton explained to us the deep, universal connection between the plankton in the sea and the rest of our galaxy. To be completely honest, most of this just went over my head. I asked Peter Plankton if we could do yoga in our kayaks and his enlightened response was, “you are already doing yoga right now kayaking with the plankton.” Works for me I guess. In the end we were able to see bioluminescence in the water which was by far one of the coolest things I have ever seen in my life. 10/10 would recommend that on your next trip to Puerto Rico, you take a tour of bio bay. Maybe try and request Peter Plankton as your guide too, he promised us piña coladas after the long kayaking tour and to our surprise delivered on that promise. He also offered showing us around San Juan’s nightlife, but luckily we had our own Puerto Rican native for that.

Another adventure of ours was zip-lining at Toro Verde park. I had never been zip-lining before and it was quite an experience for me. I love things like roller-coasters and airplanes, and one day I even want to go sky-diving. Zip-lining on the other hand, was not my forte. We chose the option where you zip-line down 8 different tours, and I held up pretty well on most of them. When we got to the last one, I think the longest one, that’s where I panicked. Some of the tourists in front of me got stuck so I got nervous. Two of the three best friends I was on the trip with went before me and were lucky enough to witness the entirety of my mid-zip-line panic attack. I wish we had caught it on video because I don’t think my narration of the experience is nearly as hilarious. So basically, I was panicking beforehand and as soon as I started going down the zip-line I tried and failed miserably at keeping my knees up and staying straight, I started slowing down, like, way before I was supposed to start slowing down. I ended up getting stuck a little over half-way to the end of the line. When you get stuck, the only option you have is to turn yourself around and use your arms to pull yourself the rest of the way. I was 100 percent not in good enough shape to do that, and during my panic I just kind of gave up. I was so freaked out because the guide at the beginning of the line said if we didn’t pull ourselves up, we risked falling all the way back to the beginning where we would have to experience this all over again. There was absolutely no way I was down for that. I began to cry and called out to the guide for help. The guide proceeded to then tell everyone on the radio that the girl stuck on the zip-line was crying. He then had to come save me, by wrapping his thighs around mine and pulling us both up to the end. Pretty awkward experience and you seriously have to have some muscle for that one. I finally made it teary-eyed and all with my friends watching  who could not control their laughter. Like, they were so amused by my incident they could barely talk. When our other friend (the local) made it back down the line after me, she was laughing and explained how everyone heard about me crying while stuck on the zip-line, and every single tourist who came after her mentioned it to me as well. I don’t remember the last time I’ve been so embarrassed, but this was hilarious and worth it. I got my much-needed corona afterwards and I wouldn’t change this experience for the world.


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