What NOT to pack for your study abroad trip to Europe

What NOT to pack on your study abroad trip to Europe

If you are planning to study abroad soon, you’ve probably already looked into what to pack for your trip! That’s a great way to get started, but what’s even more important in my opinion is learning what NOT to pack. I think almost everyone on my trip had to pay extra for their luggage on our way to Oxford. We would have much rather spent our money on trips and food while abroad, not to bring over half our closet with us! So stay tuned for a list of what not to bring on your trip.



American university fashion and culture is much different from European university fashion and culture. In Europe, students dress up a little bit more for class and most every day activities. It’s nice to be able to fit in and maybe even be mistaken as a local! So save some room in your suitcase by only packing one t-shirt to sleep in, and use the rest of the space to pack the clothes you want to show off!


20 Pairs of shoes

Ladies, this one is for you! I know you want to pack a billion pairs of shoes to make sure you are always looking stylish while abroad, but I promise you that you won’t wear all of them. I studied abroad in Oxford, UK where it rains A LOT and didn’t even need to pack rain boots! They take up SO much room in your suitcase, and you still won’t wear them as much as you think! Worst-case scenario, you can find a cheap pair while you’re there. Make sure you do pack a good stylish walking shoe for all of the traveling and walking around cities that you will inevitably do while abroad. I recommend Adidas Superstars or Stan Smith’s because they’re extremely comfortable and go with everything!




Don’t pack the things that you could buy when you get there!

In order to save space, it would be in your best interest to just buy some shampoo, conditioner and laundry detergent when you get there. I even bought a curling iron and another girl on my trip bought a straightener, and another bought a hair dryer, which we were all able to share. That way, we wouldn’t have to worry about our converters causing them to explode and without spending too much money. We also saved space in our suitcases, which was the point!


Clothes that you’ll only wear once

Try and strategically pick out clothes that are versatile enough for you to wear with multiple outfits. Stick to more solid colors and things that are simple but can be dressed up with a jacket, scarves, or jewelry. Layering is in right now so keep that in mind while you pack too! Stay away from packing that one patterned shirt that only looks good with one of your 4 pairs of jeans. If you can’t get away with re-wearing it, it’s probably just going to take up more room in your suitcase!


Follow these tips and you should save plenty of space for all of the souvenirs you’ll bring back from your exciting travels! Side tips: don’t forget your passport and remember to roll your clothes and not fold them to maximize space. Remember, there is probably nothing that you HAVE to pack that is worth the $100 fee for a “heavy bag” tag on your way to Europe!

Happy travels!!






This is an outfit that I wore in every european city I went to! Fit right in! I am also wearing my Adidas Stan Smith sneakers that I highly recommend!


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